When it comes to content marketing, it’s important for agencies to be flexible to accommodate clients’ needs. Unlike some other marketing campaigns, such as display or pay-per-click search marketing, clients don’t always set a strict monthly budget for inbound marketing services: They may wish to produce blog posts a few times a week, but develop new advertising flyers just several times a year.

We’ve structured Tischh to accommodate those needs. We can offer services based on a range of structures, including hourly rates, per-project rates, and retainer-based fees. And while we are always happy to accommodate clients who want to add extra projects to their service packages without any ongoing commitment, we feel that choosing a retainer-based package, in which clients pre-pay on a monthly basis for a set number of services, provides the best quality and value for everyone.

Here’s why:

Retainers help us predict your needs and do everything we can to exceed your expectations.

While we pride ourselves on being able to accommodate last-minute project requests as often as possible, we prioritise work for our retainer clients. Companies who have developed and committed to a regular scope of services have reserved our best resources, ensuring that they will have the opportunity to work with consultants who have extensive experience in their industry and have received detailed instructions regarding their content strategy plan. When you’re one of our retainer clients, we’re focused on building a long-term relationship with you, rather than simply fulfilling the needs of a single project. It’s about serving as your partner, instead of a mere service provider.

Retainer packages help us reduce our marketing efforts—which means that we can give our retainer clients more affordable pricing structures.

Clients’ needs are always changing, which means that in order to ensure a predictable income stream, we need to spend a percentage of our time and funds in marketing efforts to help us attract new clients. When we know we have a predictable income stream from our retainer clients, we are able to provide a discount on our per-project pricing for such clients. It’s just a little thank-you for helping us alleviate the stress of constant pitching.

Retainer packages help clients predict their own content marketing expenses and factor them into their overall budgets.

Likewise, retainers can take some of the stress off of clients. When you know you’re spending a predictable amount each month on content marketing services, you can better define what tasks you want to accomplish each month and know how much you have left to spend on other budget items. Rather than simply contracting an agency for a particular project, you can develop a strategy for incorporating the agency’s work into your comprehensive marketing plan.

It’s not necessarily a long-term commitment.

Many clients are concerned about signing a long-term contract for a certain level of services—after all, you’re a business too, and you don’t know how your income will fluctuate from month to month. While some larger agencies insist that clients sign on for periods of one or even two years, we get that you don’t want to make that kind of commitment. At Tischh, we typically only request a 3-month minimum commitment, though we can offer additional incentives for longer contract periods.

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