Hello. We’re glad you’ve arrived at Tischh Marketing, however it’s not entirely by chance that you’re here.

Perhaps you’re a start-up business or existing brand needing some cut-through digital marketing results? Or maybe you’ve identified a niggling problem within your business’ marketing reach and you want it sorted once and for all.

Well, whether you Googled us, been referred and just stumbled upon us, you’ve found us and that’s the starting point of your problem being solved.

At Tischh Marketing, we live and breathe design, development, social media, film and all things digital – the kind that slices through online noise and truly reaches people.

So welcome. Now let’s talk about how we can help.

No matter what your industry or size of business, you need customers to survive and grow. If you are serious about attracting more customers and expanding your business, we help you achieve this and put the right foundations in place with a strategic marketing plan.


Small Business Marketing is about building momentum, lots of activity, great execution and continuous improvement.

And of course, trying new things and pushing boundaries.

If you are a business owner who is too busy to take care of marketing and multiple suppliers and would like get a better return by spending more time on your core business activity, then a Marketing Agency retainer package is for you.

Tischh Marketing becomes your new ‘one stop shop’ small business marketing resource and team. Our job as your Marketing Agency is to manage all of your marketing activity, come up with new ideas and ensure that your marketing campaigns are executed in a timely and accurate manner.

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