Eagle Bay Brewing Co is a third generation farming business. It is run by siblings Nick, Astrid and Adrian, whose father John still runs the working sheep and cattle property that surrounds Eagle Bay Brewing Co and forms the foreground to the magnificent views from the restaurant.

The vision is to supply fresh, quality farm produce in a friendly, relaxed and casual environment. We believe local food is better for us, better for the environment and it tastes better. We have a simple passion for real food; our goal is to use organic, seasonal, local produce exclusively.

We are seriously fussy about beer and wine. We want to make the best quality beer and wine that we can, using the best ingredients that are available and we want to share our products with you.

We want to celebrate buying local, buying really great local produce and understanding what makes local produce so much better.

We hope the experience of being at Eagle Bay Brewing Co is defined by enjoying good times with your friends and family. We don’t care if you remember exactly what you ate or drank; we just want you to remember that you had a really great time.

Website - www.eaglebaybrewing.com.au

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