Australian Financial Directions (AFD) is a dealership that specialises in providing AFSL services to Advisors that focus on Superannuation and risk.

They provide their advisors with the necessary tools to be able to look after their clients with a simple totally compliant proof system which is easy to follow, ticks all the boxes, is easy for the client to understand and ensures both clients and advisors have complete peace of mind.

The dealership was formed in 2010 and has advisors in both West and South Australia. AFD provides them with 10 monthly CPA training sessions and three PD days per annum, which together with various additional CPA events ensures that all the advisers exceed easily their CPA requirements.

AFD’S ongoing aim is to maintain a dealership that continues to offer its Advisors simple solutions to ever increasing complex demands made by various government bodies and the financial services industry in general.

Richard (Rick) Dougherty formerly joint founder of Australian Life Brokers (the first national independent life brokerage in Australia) joint founder and director of the Mawson Group and with over 25 years of Australian financial services experience is the founder of AFD and its chief representative.

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