Small Business Marketing is about building momentum, lots of activity, great execution and continuous improvement.

And of course, trying new things and pushing boundaries.

If you are a business owner who is too busy to take care of marketing and multiple suppliers and would like get a better return by spending more time on your core business activity, then a Marketing Agency retainer package is for you.

Tischh Marketing becomes your new ‘one stop shop’ small business marketing resource and team. Our job as your Marketing Agency is to manage all of your marketing activity, come up with new ideas and ensure that your marketing campaigns are executed in a timely and accurate manner.


Your brand is the first chapter in communicating your story to the world. Tischh is an agency with a focus on results - and a gifted creative team ready to work their magic on your brand. 



Your website development and design has the potential to say more about your business than any other piece of marketing, with visitors spending longer browsing a site than they do watching a TV commercial, reading a press ad or glancing at a logo.

And most importantly, their presence at your site is voluntary and goal-driven – of their own volition they arrive to find out more.

We are passionate about making your website fresh, clean and friendly to the people engaging with your business. 



Our short films are hand crafted to suit the brand and identity of your business or event. Whether its the story of the business or capturing special moments we create compelling short films that sum up your core values. From the concept, storyboarding, directing and editing Tischh is passionate about getting your message across film and into the right hands.

app development

Websites have become an indispensable part of any successful business. You wouldn’t even consider launching a business today without a website because customers expect companies to have an online presence. If a customer sees that a company doesn’t have a website, their thought process goes something like this: “Why doesn’t XYZ have a website? Seriously? Something must be wrong with them! Let’s find some other place to buy from.” Pretty soon, the same will be true of businesses that don’t have a mobile app.

Here’s why…

Customers are spending an incredible amount of time on their mobile phones today. According to a recent IDC research report, nearly 80% of smartphone users have their phone on or near them for all but two hours of their waking day. That’s 22 hours a day! Even more impactful is that of the time that users spend on their phones, 80% of that time is spent using apps.

As this trend grows, your customers will begin to expect for your business to have an app…the same way they expect for you to have a website.


No matter what your industry or size of business, you need customers to survive and grow. If you are serious about attracting more customers and expanding your business, we help you achieve this and put the right foundations in place with a strategic marketing plan.



At Tischh, we just don't work in pixels and php. We also work in the other "p"....Print! We strive for consistent colour, cuts and quality. And because we print constantly, our buying power provides excellent value for money to our clients without compromising quality. 


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